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Industrial Animation - Recycling Test Centre

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

We produced this 3D Industrial Animation for TOMRA Recycling a few back.

They wanted Lightroom 3D to create a 3D Model of a generic Recycling Test Centre which at fist would focus on three sorters. The AUTOSORT, AUTOSORT Air and CYBOT.

The Animation above focus on the AUTOSORT and Flying Beam Technology.

The great thing about this 3D test centre is we can easily update the sorters as they get updated in real life.

We simulated the plastic bottles and plastic bags using the Bullet Physics solver which means the material interacts with the conveys and sorters in a believable manner.

We could have saved time and faked the material moving along the belts but we feel this would have looked really bad.

We at Lightroom 3D are very passionate about our work and we love pushing the boundaries of what's possible with Industrial Animation.

If you would like to know more about our Technical & Industrial Animation Services please contact us here.

Cian McGrath.

Owner and Lead Animator at Lightroom 3D


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