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We create High Quality Photo-Realistic 3D Rendered Images and Animations for Marketing and Presentation.

Lightroom 3D has been producing high quality 3D Product Rendering for companies all over the globe since 2009.


We can create high quality 3D Images and renderings of your products from photos, 2D plans or import your 3D CAD files from a wide range of CAD modeling programs like Catia, Solidworks, Inventor etc.


3D Product Visualization has many more advantages over traditional photography.

3D Product Rendering means no expensive photoshoots, more control of the overall look and feel of the product, final 3D Renders are supplied in many formats including files with transparent backgrounds so you can place your product onto any background yourself if needed and layered files that allows you to easily select different parts of the product / machine and make adjustments yourself.


Our 3D Product Visualisations have not only helped our clients market their products but they have also helped them win contracts, tenders and investment.

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