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Oil Rig-(Flat)


Engineering and Product Animations

LightRoom 3D has been producing high quality technical 3D animations for companies all over the globe since 2009.

We specialise in creating 3D Animations for Product Design, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Engineering and Industrial companies.


We can create high quality 3D animations of your product / machine line from photos, 2D plans or import your 3D CAD files from a wide range of CAD modeling programs like Catia, Solidworks, Inventor etc.


We have a lot of experience working with 3D CAD models of all types and have developed a workflow that allows us to easily rig any moving parts in a realistic manor. 

We also have a lot of experience working with companies in the the product sorting industry so we know how to realistically simulate material to interact with the CAD models in a dynamic way.

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