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3D Product Visualization (CGI) - TOMRA T70 Single

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Lightroom 3D was commissioned by TOMRA to produce several 3d cgi renderings of their new T70 Single reverse vending machine.

These machine are installed in many super markets and general stores around the world which allows the stores customers to easily recycle their plastic bottles, cans and glass.

Rendering TOMRA's 3D CAD models has many more advantages over photography.

We have more control over how the final image will look. We have more control over the lighting, materials and reflections, all of which can be easily changed when ever needed.

We also don't need to be on site with one of these machines which greatly cut's the cost as there is no travel expenses. All we need is the 3D CAD model and several photos and that's it.

3D CGI rendering of a reverse vending machine in a small general store setting.

Everything in this image is CGI.

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