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Producing Technical 3D Animations for well over a decade.

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Lightroom 3D (Formally CMG Designs) has been producing high quality 3D Technical Animations since 2009 for Engineering and manufacturing companies all over the globe.

Lightroom 3D has become one of the leading companies globally to specialise in this area.

Here is a quick example of a technical animation we produced for Architectural & Metal systems Ltd back in 2016. ( Please note the audio was removed as the producers licencing changed several years after we purchased it )

Typically with projects like the one above we would import and modify our client's 3D CAD models but in this instance we only had access to a single 2D floor plan so we had to create the 3D models ourselves.

This Technical Animation shows in detail how the aluminium extrusion process works.

The great thing about 3D animation is the fact that you can hide parts of the machine which allows you to see the inner working in detail which you don't get from video or photographs.

For more information on Technical Animations you can email us here

Cian McGrath

Digital Artist and Animator at Lightroom 3D

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