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3D Product Rendering & Visualisation - TEG Washer Racks

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Lightroom 3D was commissioned by TEG (Technical Engineering Group) to produce several 3D renderings of their latest washer racks.

We were able to import their 3D Solidworks CAD models and modify them so we could move the parts individually.

We rendered these 3D images at 14043 x 9933 pixel @300 dpi so they can be used on large prints at trade shows.

As we use very powerful computers we were able to render each image in under 30 min.

For more information on 3D Product Rendering and Visualization services you can email use here.

To view more 3D product renders by Lightroom 3D please click here.

Cian McGrath

3D Artist and Animator at Lightroom 3D

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